A Fresh New Look

A letter from our Founder, Sienna Jae Taylor

When we first launched the Southdale Education Fund it was early morning on January 22, 2020. I was adamant about launching on my 30th birthday. There was so much excitement and I was in a bit of a rush to let the community know what we had in store. At the time, the message was far more important than the look. We had no website, no branding, no logo – just a blog post on my personal website.

Since launching, we have built momentum and gained the support of our community. We have finally had the time to sit back, reflect and put together the pieces that will make up our public identity. We’ve got our website up and running, a newsletter making it’s way out the virtual doors, and finally… we have our logo.

Introducing the new and improved… Southdale Education Fund:

Not only are we thrilled to share our logo with you – but we are excited to share the inspiration behind it.

As some of you may know, the roots of the Southdale Education Fund lie within the Westminster community… and more specifically, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School, Home of the Rams. This is not only where I spent the majority of my teenage years, it is where my mom spent her teenage years as well. And it is here that the first Southdale Education Fund bursary will be awarded.

Laurier holds a special place in my heart. It is the place where my love for learning began, where I found teachers who believed in me, where my friendships flourished, and where I began to discover who I was and how I wanted to exist in this world. Laurier introduced me to the beautiful diversity of the world. It showed me that it didn’t matter whether you lived in a big, beautiful house on the outskirts of London with everything you could possibly need, or if you lived in the subsidized housing units across the street with clothing two sizes too small and no food for lunch – we all mattered. We all deserved every chance to succeed.

I am inspired by the Ram and it’s spiralling horns. Not just because of it’s connection to Laurier, but because of what this powerful animal represents.





For me, the Ram represents the strength it takes to overcome challenge and adversity, not unlike the very students we aim to support through the Southdale Education Fund.

The star is a special addition.

During the creative process, my good friend and the artist – S – suggested the addition of the star to symbolize the hope that the Southdale Education Fund will provide for students living in poverty. This was a beautiful moment – not only do others understand the mission of this initiative, but they believe in it.

Thank you so much to S for your creativity, your time, and your belief in the Southdale Education Fund. Thank you for symbolizing our inspiration and our mission.

S is an engineer, artist, and creator. He is a Co-Founder at EXAR Studios, Co-Owner of VRcadia Technologies Inc. and Founder of Building Intrigue. You can learn more and connect with S on LinkedIn.

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